Five Wudang Animal T-shirts

T-shirts of the five Wudangshan animals are available for purchase. They are designed by artist Ken Kimball. Ken has been doing qigong with Eva for a number of years, and they have worked closely together on the design.
Please visit: 5ANIMALTEES or paste the link in your browser: . Note- You can change the currency in the upper right hand conner of the site by clicking on the flag.

Level 6

Level 6 is offered again at Shambhala Mountain Center, Colorado, USA -  from October 1 (evening) through 5. This program is limited to those who have been accepted into the program. Participants must  bring letter of permission issued to them when they attend the program. Participants must arrive in time for the evening talk on October 1 and stay until the program ends at 6pm on Oct. 5. Level 6 is NOW open for registration!

Qigong Practice and Study Retreat

This program that integrates qigong practices with the study of Daoist texts. There will be daily meditation sessions led by a meditation teacher who is also a qigong practitioner. Each retreat is unique and will feature texts selected from the Daoist spiritual tradition. Participants will learn how to use qigong to understand the texts and use textual understanding to support their qigong practice. This program can be used to fulfill requirements for maintaining level 6 acceptance.
Prerequisites: Levels 1-5

Qigong teachers

If you want to invite teachers for a Qigong Level, then the following authorized teachers are available:
  • Levels 1-4: John Rockwell.
  • Levels 1-3: Sophie Leger, Dale Asrael, Suzann Duquette, Samten Kobelt.
  • Levels 1-2: Eric Wilson, Beth Latchis, David Stone, Kate Summers, Mathias Pongracz.
  • Qigong in Shambhala extended programs such as Dathun, various Assemblies: Arawana Hayashi.

Books on Qigong

For a list of Eva Wong's books please go to:

The Practice and Study Retreat

This retreat is held at KCL this coming autumn September 12-17 will focus on two texts - the Lieh-Tzu, and the Taoist Purification Ceremonies, translated in Teachings of the Tao, Chapter 8 - Encountering the Sacred. This retreat is open to anyone who has completed qigong levels 1-5 and are interested in integrating qigong practice and Taoist textual study. Practice and Study retreats will be held periodically but each retreat will focus on a different text and set of qigong forms that will augment the study of those texts. Participants are required to have these two texts with them at the program.
Instructors - Eva Wong and John Rockwell

The Sacred Waterways of New England

An evening of music, dance, and virtual tour of the waters of New England. July 18 Boston, this coming summer. Purchase tickets from the Boston Shambhala Center. Limited seating. Presentation by Eva Wong

Water is the embodiment of beauty, depth, and feminine power. Whether orderly or chaotic, it manifests all that is mysterious in the natural world. Join Eva Wong in a multi-media presentation of the waterways of New England as we explore the power of the ocean around Cape Cod and the coast of Maine, the playful currents in the seas off Rhode Island, the enticing and awe-inspiring depths of lakes and ponds, the exquisite meandering beauty of rivers and streams, and the chaotic water colors of the marshlands. Using flute, drum, and dance, we will invite the guardian water spirits of our land to seduce, inspire, and teach us to care for our natural environment and preserve their sacredness for future generations.

Taoism - The Art of Living

Shambhala Mountain Center. Sept 18, 19,20 (ends at 1pm) - 2015. Save this date.
This is a special program. Experience aspects of Taoist living including qigong, meditation, textual study, tea appreciation, discussion of Taoist diet, and a hike that highlights the fengshui of SMC. This program is scheduled immediately before the Wudangshan Animals Long Form.
Eva Wong

Fengshui and Land Energy

A walk and appreciation of the energy of the land around KCL. Karme Choling. July 11, 2015 - a one day program. Save this date.
This is a special program. Experience the land energy of Karme Choling with a walk around the land after a presentation of approaches to sacred land from the Taoist and Tibetan Buddhist perspectives. This program is scheduled immediately before the Tendon-Changing/Marrow Washing Intensive.
Eva Wong

Warrior Qigong and Sunzi's Art of War Practicum

Karme Choling. October 2,3,4 - 2015. Save this date. This is a the first of the series of qigong practicums. The program integrates the Wudangshan Warrior Qigoing Forms with principles of strategy and tactics from Sunzi's Art of War. Teaching by Eva Wong, Suzann Duquette, Peter van der Molen. This program is scheduled immediately after Qigong Level 6 Part II.

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