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Level 6

Level 6 is offered again at Shambhala Mountain Center, Colorado, USA -  from October 1 (evening) through 5. This program is limited to those who have been accepted into the program. Participants must  bring letter of permission issued to them when they attend the program.
Participants must arrive in time for the evening talk on October 1 and stay until the program ends at 6pm on Oct. 5.

Qigong Practice and Study Retreat

This program that integrates qigong practices with the study of Daoist texts. There will be daily meditation sessions led by a meditation teacher who is also a qigong practitioner. Each retreat is unique and will feature texts selected from the Daoist spiritual tradition. Participants will learn how to use qigong to understand the texts and use textual understanding to support their qigong practice. This program can be used to fulfill requirements for maintaining level 6 acceptance.
Prerequisites: Levels 1-5

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